Kat Walden Art

Pet Portraits & Wild Animal Paintings.

Commission Prices:

The Prices shown below are for Dog, Cat and Horse Portraits only, for any other animal portrait please use the contact page and we can discuss your requirements.

Prices include a Picture Mount in a Complementary colour for your painting. All Mounts are Cut to fit the standard size frames available on the high street, making framing your painting as easy as possible.

All Prices are approximate, a final price will be confirmed after discussing your commission with you.

Dog and Cat Portraits:

 Single Head Study £85
 Double Head Study £110
 Triple Head Study                         £125
 Quadruple Head Study £145


 Full Body Portrait £120
 Double Full Body Portrait £150 
 Triple Full Body Portrait
 Single Head Study & Miniature Full Body £120


Horse Portraits:


 Single Head Study             £110
 Double Head Study                    £140


 Full Body Portrait                      £140